Teacher-Parent Collaboration

 Explanation about the meaning of teacher-parent collaborations and the way that this collaboration affects children and benefits them are discussed in this section. Then, the ways we can facilitate the collaboration between teachers and parents to support the students with SAD is stated. There are some barriers in promoting the collaboration and some ways to remove the barriers are discussed

The feeling of self-consciousness and the fear of being humiliated might lead to subjective suffering and life restrictions (Lima Osorio, 2013). As Social Anxiety in children might lead to their social withdrawal, self-confidence is a key concept for………. more

Self-Determination through Cognitive Behavoiur Therapy (CBT)

The literature review of research has proven the positive effect of CBT on Social Anxiety Disorders (Donovan et al. 2015;2014; Goldin et al. 2016; Goldin et al. 2014). CBT strategies are usually clear and easy to implement by ……… more

Self-Determined Learning Model of Intervention (SDLMI)


 Lee et al. (2006) introduced the self-determined learning model of support which parents can use to promote self-determination in young children. The model also offered teachers the opportunity to build a collaborative partnership with………… more


Mindfulness is a type of meditation that can help decreasing stress and anxiety. mindfulness, in fact, is a practice of being at the moment and focused on your breathing and using imagery to relax both body and mind…….. more