Interventions for Social Anxiety

either treat or support the students with SAD: pharmacological interventions and psychological intervention. Each intervention is explained precisely in different categories which include the intervention for students, the interventions for teachers, the interventions for parents, and the interventions for both teachers and parents.


Intervention is a kind of program implemented by the people who aim at supporting children with a specific need. Early intervention helps a child’s healthy development and the child can have a positive and better outcome in the field he/she is challenging with.

Now there is a question. Why early intervention is so important?  ………………… more

Different Types of Interventions

Depending on the diagnosis and the severity of the anxiety, your child’s pediatrician would suggest the best kind of intervention for your child.

Diagnosis may help up with the support we offer the child. Since there is no medical test for social anxiety, the doctor usually checks the symptoms, behavioural patterns (how often and when it happens), and any medication and situation which might trigger anxiety for the child.

The Most Important Social Anxiety Symptoms are:


fast heartbeat,

 shaking body,


and blushing


fear of being judged by others,

constant worry of doing something wrong,

avoidance of social situation,

ruminating after attending a social situation,

and expecting the worst,

Interventions for Social Anxiety are divided into two types

Interventions for Social Anxiety