parents with a high level of Expressed Emotion

Parents with a high level of Expressed Emotion (EE) such as criticism and/or hostility need training to improve the outcome for alleviating their children’s social anxiety.

Garcia-Lopez, Díaz-Castela, Muela-Martinez, and Espinosa-Fernandez’s (2014) findings revealed that parents’ high level of EE was significantly associated with their children’s poor treatment outcomes. Indeed, it is important to identify the parents with behaviours that affect their children’s SAD and to help the parents to eliminate the problem related to their behaviours. Because parental high EE has been found to be related to the treatment outcome in socially anxious children, Garcia-Lopez et al.’s research aim to examine whether adding a parent training intervention to decrease high levels of parental EE would improve the treatment outcome for children with SAD. Garcia-Lopez et al.’s research was a call to action for the parents with EE to receive training and interventions in order to support the improvement of their children’s social anxiety. Garcia-Lopez et al.’s study hypothesized that parents’ involvement may play important roles in improving children’s social anxiety.

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