Now there is a question. Why early intervention is so important?  

In a study by Nores and Barnett (2010), A total of 56 studies reporting the effects of 30 interventions (and 38 contrasts) in 23 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central, and South America are analyzed. they coded studies on the type of intervention (cash transfer, nutritional, educational or mixed), the sample size of the control and treatment group, the study design, the country of intervention, subpopulations of interventions, follow-ups, whether it targeted infants, pre-K age children or both, and dosage. they find children from different contexts and countries receive substantive benefits across all dimensions, and that interventions providing direct care or education to be more effective particularly in terms of cognition. The results of the study show the importance of early intervention in children.

Children with social anxiety need further supports and interventions implemented at both school and home. There are different kinds of interventions that we can use for supporting children. Based on each child’s need, the type of interventions we might implement differs.

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