Interventions for Social Anxiety Disorders

Medication: Medication

according to Fader (2018), if your anxiety stops you from normal functioning during the day, your doctor may prescribe you anti-anxiety medications. When you can’t take care of your basic needs, like going to work, or interacting with other people, medications for anxiety can be a help to everyday functioning. There are many different medications for social anxiety. However, certain ones are considered the most common medications for social anxiety. Preferred social anxiety medication options include:

  • Luvox CR
  • Paxil
  • Inderal
  • Zoloft
  • Effexor XR
  • Sertraline

Psycho-Therapy: Psycho- therapy

According to McEvoy et al. (2017), Negative, distorted self-images are the important features of social anxiety disorder, and working with imagery can make cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) more effective for those who struggle with social anxiety. CBT focuses on beliefs and attitudes that are related to a person’s behaviour and emotional problems. CBT can fine unhealthy beliefs and behaviours in people with social anxiety by applying strategies and interventions and helps developing alternative positive attitudes.

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