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As a student who studies Master of Special Education, inclusion means a lot to me and during my study, I have learned a lot about inclusion and how to support children with varied needs in an inclusive classroom. The main goal is to make children feel they are part of their community and have a sense of belonging. To reach this goal, many areas that need to be studied. I, however, as an adult who experienced social anxiety in her childhood, decided to have research about social anxiety in children which is caused by the home environment, and how teachers at school and parents at home can collaborate in order to support children with social anxiety. Based on the literature review in my study, I tried to find effective interventions to support children with social anxiety and the strategies for both parents and teachers to help children. I chose to design a website because I would like to make the information in my study available for all people all around the world. My website is easy to access, easy to use, time-efficient, and it includes free resources to use. With my ambition of having a world full of happy smiling faces on each child’s face, I chose the name of my website’ Happy Children’. There are interventions for both parents and teachers, free resources to download, and a discussion board to talk about different experiences and ideas on my website. Since the children’s mental and physical health is important for both parents and teachers, having healthy and happy children leads to happy parents, teachers, and society.

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